3.jpg As a car insurance customer, I always find it hard to shop for a good deal. I was single at the time and the premiums were sky-high expensive. At first, I thought the expensive policy I got was just normal. That was before I started asking work colleagues, friends and some family member. The shock was when I found out I was paying 3 to 4 times the average drivers I know.

The fact is, no one talks about their household monthly expenditure in details. We all like to keep our finances for ourselves, except from close family or friends. This is why, you will rarely get a friend asking you “how much do you pay for car insurance”? It sounds like asking “how much you paid for that car”? Again, it’s fine for some people, but some may find it too intrusive. This is were insurance companies take their chances and charge you many times more, excepting you just to cough up the money.

This site is setup to help auto insurance buyers get and compare auto insurance quotes online from as many insurance providers in their area. Choice and price are the most important things we are looking to fix.